Our world today revolves around technology and it is inevitable that it has taken learning and talent management into a whole new dimension where we can enjoy the convenience of Anytime, Anywhere and Anyspeed.

As corporate learning culture and talent management continue to evolve, many organizations are constantly looking for effective and efficient solutions to improve their productivity and capabilities. Generally, most organizations use more than 3 HR systems and the cost of consolidating this data has been significant and the results are not remarkable with two thirds failing to produce benefits. SumTotalís fully integrated data permits organizations not only to increase their productivity, but also to move away from resource-draining behind the scenes activities required to consolidate data, and quickly get to the strategic activities that improves the organizationís performance. By combining contextually aware, pervasive capabilities with a comprehensive view of your talent, you are able to eliminate strategic HR business problems like talent scarcity, thus, increasing employee engagement by giving your people a better sense of mastery, purpose and autonomy.

AuraTech offers the following solutions:

Skillsoft Courses
We offer a vast quantity of high quality corporate training courseware that ranges from IT Professional and Business Certifications to Soft Skills and Management Curriculums. Working closely with Skillsoft, headquartered in Nashua, New Hampshire, USA (http://skillsoft.com), we offer a library of over 6000 courses and 55,000 books and videos. These Learning resources have been developed by industry-leading experts to ensure that they build talents and develop highly knowledgeable, productive and valuable workforce. It also consists of a live chat capability with a mentor that enhances the learning experience.
Integrated Learning and Talent Management System

a) Learning Management System
We work closely with SumTotal Systems (A Skillsoft Company) of Gainesville, Florida, USA (http://www.sumtotalsystems.com) to provide the most robust and comprehensive e-learning system in the market. With its unique ďAudienceĒ feature, large organization can build a one-time framework where learning can be assigned automatically across various subsidiaries, regions, divisions, job titles and even languages. SumTotal learning solutions facilitates all your need to organize, deliver and operate learning with the highest efficiency.

b) Talent Management Suite
SumTotal Talent Management Suite offers a modular system that covers from hiring and performance management to succession planning and compensation, all derived and developed from the knowledge and experience focusing on HR for over 30 years. All modules are easily linked with SumTotal LMS to provide a complete suite of what we call Talent Expansion that helps organization build and retain their most prized assets, people. Another added advantage is that with SumTotal elixHR platform, both system can be easily integrated with the most common HRIS in the market.
Language Learning Solutions
We offer highly flexible and engaging online –based content over a wide range of languages. Rosetta Stone of Arlington, USA (http://www.rosettastone.com) has over 20 years of history and pioneered the use of interactive software to accelerate language learning today. This innovative, technology-driven language, literacy and brain-fitness solutions are widely used in educational sectors, businesses, government organizations and millions of individuals around the globe. This learning activity will guide you step by step to a complete language learning experience that is proven effective throughout the years. The integration of multiple medias such as text, graphic, video and sound allows learning to be more interesting as compared to the conventional classroom lessons.

With a complete package of Products, Integration services, Customization, and Support, we help customers to implement their elearning projects in a timely manner.

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